Windows Phone 10 preview 2 finally released

I finally got the preview builds of Windows phone 10 on my Nokia Lumia 925. I left Windows phone two years ago (Windows phone 7), and today (It’s luck i guess) my Android phone gave up. So i decided to temporally use my business Lumia 925 phone. I remembered that Mary Joe Foley  posted last week news about Windows 10 and sad that during the weekend, Microsoft will work to deliver the Windows phone 10 preview 2 builds, and that my phone is finally supported (The preview 1 supports just few Microsoft Lumia devices). And here we are! I installed the Windows Insider app (via the Windows phone store), and discovered that i can install the Windows phone 10 preview builds.

  • Windows Phone 8.1 update 2 will be installed first if you are on Windows phone 8.1 update 1
  • The total installation time is around 1 hour (+ the download time) and  you will not able to use your phone for 45 minutes (15 minutes of preparation + 40 minutes of installation)


Now, i’m discovering the enhancements :

– The new Outlook app

– The enhanced metro interface

– The nice enhancement on the Settings menu

– Project Spartan

I wish i will not end up on I keep my finger crossed.

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