VMM UR6 : New features and release date

Hi all,

Good news I read this morning about the VMM 2012 R2 Update Rollup 6 new features. VMM UR6 will be released the next Tuesday 28 April according to Jonobie Ford, Senior Program Manager in Microsoft.

So what will UR6 bring to us:

Azure IaaS Virtual Machines view in the VMM console

Many customers use today the Azure VM’s public cloud service in conjunction of their on-premises virtualized infrastructure managed by VMM. Until today, customer need two consoles to manage their VMs (Start, Stop, Remote connect…) : The VMM console  and the Azure portal. VMM UR6 will add the capability of connecting VMM to your Azure subscription and view and make some management tasks. Of course the actual management tasks reported by Jonibie are very basic : Start, Stop, Shutdown, Restart and Connect via RDP. Creating or configuring VMs still only possible form the Azure portal. For that a new view was added to the VMM console : Azure Subscriptions

Snap 2015-04-25 at 14.06.24

(Picture Credit : Microsoft Channel 9)

You can easily add an Azure subscription by providing 2 information : The Subscription ID and the Certificate that you can download from the Azure portal

Snap 2015-04-25 at 14.06.38

(Picture Credit : Microsoft Channel 9)

And then, you will be able to manage your Azure VMs

Snap 2015-04-25 at 14.03.42

(Picture Credit : Microsoft Channel 9)

Support for Generation 2 Virtual Machines  in service templates

The second added feature is that with UR6, you will able to create VMM service templates using Generation 2 VM templates, this feature was mainly requested by customers and implemented by Microsoft

Support for Generation 2 VMM Clouds in Windows Azure Pack

With UR6, Windows Azure Pack tenants will be able to deploy Gen2 VMs on Gen2 capable Clouds

Virtual Network usage in Windows Azure Pack

With UR6, the VNET usage is reported to Windows Azure Pack, and hence Service Providers and WAP admins can charge tenants for the Virtual Network usage and consumption, and create a chargeback model around it.

Hyper-V Replica Cloud or Host group can be overcommitted

In the past, VMM did not allow over-commitment of Hyper-V replica clouds or host groups. That was vey inconvenient for VMM users because they want be able to replicate more VMs than the target replica platform can sustain, but that they will only start and use  a part of them in a failure case. With UR6, VMM will not prevent you of overcommitting a hyper-V replica target platform.

So wait for 28 April and do not forget the gold rules:

– Do not install this update until the community feedback (Bugs, misbehavior…)

– If you use Windows Azure Pack, do not forget that all the platform should be updated to the same UR level (WAP, VMM and SPF) to gain access to the new features

Source : http://channel9.msdn.com/Shows/Edge/Edge-Show-144-Azure-IaaS-VM-management-and-more-in-VMM-UR6

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