Azure IaaS (ARM) : Architecting and Design Series

Hi All,

Have you ever designed a Hyper-V , a Network or a Storage Platform ? I guess you did. But how if you are faced or asked to design all of them as a single Piece ? I think you got it, I’m talking about Azure.

Azure, and specifically Azure IaaS V2 (using Azure Resource Manager) is a new and recent topic, for Microsoft, for IT Pros and for the customer. When we decide to build an infrastructure, whatever it is, we need to design it first. The design phase is crucial, just like preparing the Plan of building or a bridge, before starting the construction. No plan, no building, unless you want to finish like these engineers Smile



I have been working on Azure IaaS V2 since the first days of Azure Resource Manager, May 2015. Today, I decided to write about the experience I got during this several months, and I will share the design considerations and some design scenarios to help you design an Azure Resource Manager IaaS V2 architecture.

Before you continue, you need to know that the recommendations, the points of view and the ‘I recommend’ may be sometimes based on my experience and my vision. You should always tailor and feet the target design to your needs and requirements.

The following is the Agenda of this Series. Each topic will be detailed in a separate post.

1- Azure Subscriptions

2- Azure Networking

3- Azure Storage

4- Azure Compute

5- Resource Groups


7- Availability and Load Balancing

I hope that this Series will enlighten you  about how to prepare and design an Azure IaaS V2 infrastructure and what are the different scenarios you can choose to better benefit from the power of Azure.

Finally, hope you build something like this Smile. Stay tuned!


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