Change Azure ARM VM size

Hi all,

Microsoft has published an article describing how to resize an Azure Virtual Machine, and shown that on the major cases, using the Portal or PowerShell is enough to resize the VM within few minutes with a short downtime (Reboot). I have discussed that on a previous post. You can see that on same cases, the host where the VM is deployed does not support the target size, so you will not be able to resize your VM without redeploying it.

I thought that the ‘Redeploy’ feature will redeploy your VM on another host supporting more VM sizes, but I think that the it redeploys it on the same ‘Pool’ with same characteristics.

So I decided to write a quick script (you can use the functions or adapt it to your context) to easily resize the VM, in few minutes.

The script will do the following :

1- Remove the VM

2- Construct the new VM object with the new Size

3- Create the new VM

You can download the script from the following link: