Azure Service Fabric news from //BUILD

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Azure Service Fabric is one of my preferred azure services today, at is embraces the microsoervices era. At //BUILD, a new SF offer has been introduced, which is Azure Service Fabric Mesh, a fully managed and server-less SF brand. The following points resume the session that you can find here :

  • Deploying Service Fabric Clusters locally (Standalone)
    • Now you can use a JSON manifest file to describe the nodes where to deploy, certificates to install, configuration to set… This file will be uploaded to Azure, and Azure will provide the required packages to make the installation
  • Single Portal experience
    • View and manage the Azure SF clusters and the Local Clusters via the Azure portal
  • Azure Service Fabric Mesh
    • A fully managed SF running on Azure. You no longer need to manage the SF infrastructure like VMSS, LBs or any other thing.
    • Supports containers
    • Creating Applications and Services now can be done via ARM templates, as Applications and Services are first class ARM resources !! This just amazing2018-05-09_11-53-49.png
    • All the .yaml files that are used to define the Service Fabric resources are regrouped into a JSON file2018-05-09_13-56-26.png
  • Secrets Store (Secrets Resource)
    • Built within SF, Applications and Services have managed idendity with AAD, and can access Azure Key Vault to get secrets and certificates. Secrets and certificates rollover is supported too.
  • Volume Resource
    • A volume resource presented to the containers, two types :
      • Backed by Azure File Storage
      • Backed by SF Volume Disk (replicated local disks)2018-05-09_14-10-03.png
  • Diagnostic and monitoring
    • Containers will write stdout/stderr to a volume, and Application Insights will analyse these data from that volume.
    • Azure Monitor for SF metrics
  • Reliable Collections
    • Enhancements and new features, the application and the reliable collection are now separated
  • Intelligent traffic routing
    • Great news about this as new routing features are added2018-05-09_14-25-50.png
    • Introduction of Envoy. This will simplify services communication2018-05-09_14-26-53.png

Service Fabric Mesh Pricing

This was not disclosed, waiting for it.

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