System Center 2012 R2 : Update Rollup 4 breaks the SPF website

Hi All,

System Center 2012  Update Rollup 4 was released on October 28 to bring some bug fixes and new features to the System Center 2012 products concerned by this update.

I was obliged to install this update for SPF to try to fix a bug in a Windows Azure Pack deployment (I was asked by Microsoft to do that). After installing the update on the SPF servers, the WAP Admin portal was not ale to connect to my SPF web point.


Browsing the SPF website has failed, at this moment, i was sure the UR4 has broken something (as usual)

On the SPF servers (the deployment contains two load balanced SPF servers), the IIS management console shows that the site was off, so i tried to start it.


The following error was thrown (This website cannot be started. Another website may be using the same port)


The System event log also records the following error “The World Wide Web Publishing Service (WWW Service) did not register the URL prefix https://:8090/xxxxx for site 2. The necessary network binding lay already b ein use. Th site has been disabled. The data field contains the error number”

When seeing the site bindings, i was surprised that a duplicated binding was made (Using the same port 8090, the SPF endpoint port).


I had to remove one of the duplicated bindings, and be sure to reselect the SSL certificate to the left binding (When removing the duplicated binding and validating, the left binding configuration loose the SSL certificate mapping)


Now, the site can be started, and the WAP Admin portal is communicating with SPF.

I was sure that the UR4 was the culprit because this issue happened on both SPF servers where i installed the update. And i’m happy because the issue was  simple to solve.

An advise, don’t install Microsoft updates until the community confirms that no harm will happen due to it. This always was the precious Aidan Finn advise 🙂